Thursday, March 13, 2008

New fairy baby soon!

I have a new fairy to list. She is completely finished, but she will probably not be up for auction until Saturday because I am having a tea on my back porch tomorrow and will be busy making finger sandwiches and scones! Guests include 3 year old Chloe, and 1 year old Kiera. We are wearing hats and spring dresses for this lady-like event. Actually, we should probably wear running shoes to keep up the little ones away from the pool!

Back to the fairy:
She will be sleeping in a pretty rose that sits in a vintage style flower pot. She is blonde, pink, and sweet! I am working on making feet more detailed and realistic. Oh...this one is anatomically correct and in her birthday suit, other than a sparkly hat on her little head.

I have other fairies planned in my mind. One will be trapped in a bird cage. Another will be sleeping on a bed of assorted feathers. I have more ideas than I have time....with teas and all.

Sue Anne

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