Thursday, November 1, 2007

Holiday sculpt info

I have three new sculpts in the works so please watch for them. I don't throw my work together just to produce, so I won't have many holiday pieces available. If you see something you like, please bid because I don't recreate any of my dolls. I am often asked "will you do another doll like the one you just listed for me?" Well, no, I don't do that. If I did, they wouldn't be OOAK. Maybe someday I will be picked up by a reproduction company, but in the meantime, I painstakingly produce one doll at a time.

I hope that everyone had a fun (and maybe even a little scary) Halloween. My house was turned into a theatrical delight thanks to my son, Grant, and his fiance, Christine. Speaking of Grant, don't forget to visit his website at He has a bright future as a graphic designer ahead of him. When he isn't creating art, he is creating music. I think he is my dad, reincarnated! He can't sit still and is always creating or improving something! To say "perfectionist" is an understatement when describing Grant.

Here is a sculpting tip for new sculptors:
It takes much less clay to create a nose than what you might think. Use half of what you think you might need. Gradually work the clay up to the forehead to make the bridge of the nose. Use a tiny stylus for making nostrils.

Sue Anne

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