Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sanibel, a shabby cottage fairy

One thing about shipping a jointed doll is that I don't worry much about breakage. They are just not as likely to break at certain places like the shoulders and hips as with a non-jointed sculpture. In fact, although she is not a toy, an older child might enjoy playing with her, but gently.
I wanted this doll to look "long forgotten." Her eyes speak of an old soul that is from a different time. I like to capture the feeling that a doll has been cast aside by some little girl long ago....one who has moved on to more grown-up things. The doll sits and waits for someone to discover her again, wonder where she has been, and what she has seen in her "better times."
I let my husband name this doll. He didn't hesitate for a moment. The name just came to him.
Sanibel has an antiqued face, simple hands and fingers without a lot of detailing. She is one of my more primitive pieces. Her eyes are onyx, her dress is coffee stained silk, and she has hand made wings from a vintage butterfly print.
Her legs and arms are long and willowy. She has a delicate build.
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