Monday, November 29, 2010

New OOAK sculptures now available!

Just in time for Christmas, I have listed several new pieces on Ebay AND on my website! I listed at rock bottom prices on Ebay so I hope you will place a bid if you like them! As you can see, I have sculpted more than one Snow Girl. I started doing these several years ago, but each one has her own face because I do not use molds.
The nativities are another of my original designs. I have created several of these, also, but no two are alike. I stain them heavily to give them a very aged, almost relic look.
The pink tea cup baby is one of my sweetest. She comes in an Englis tea cup that is so girly, just like she is. Her antique lace hat gives her a Victorian look.
I know times are hard right now, so I started as low as I could go just to recover some of my supply expenses.
Thanks for your support! I will write more soon!

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