Monday, October 1, 2007

Sculpting once again

I have been away from my clay for much longer than I had intended. Anyway, I am home now and have been working on two new sculpts. One is the fall fairy that I mentioned in my last post. She turned out to be a baby witch fairy. I am working on a standing fairy. Both should be listed very soon so please keep watch.

I will try to be more consistent with my listings as I have no major traveling to do before the holiday season.

New sculptors please keep in mind that features start midway on the face. If they are started up too high, the face will probably resemble an alien. Babies features start even lower on the face than adults. In other words, make sure that your doll has enough forehead. You can always add more clay to the forehead or the back of the head after the first cure.

Sue Anne

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